The Ultimate Solution For Concrete Floors

Thin-Crete is an easy to use polymer-modified, cemeticious-based, one-component surfacing compound designed for use on either new or worn concrete floors. Thin-crete’s polymer modification promotes excellent adhesion, toughness, and long term durability. Thin-Crete floors are specially resistant to moisture penetration and degradation due to hydrosis.

Why Use Thin-Crete On Commercial Concrete Floors?

  • Unique and custom decorative concrete resurfacing, without going“out of season” or obsolete when it comes to fixing or replacing.
  • Variety of decorative appearances without losing that rustic touch.
  • Ideal for interior and exterior application.
  • Easy, safe to use, and fast application process in comparison to tile flooring.
  • Excellent adhesion to old or new concrete.
  • Low water demand (High compression strength, 6500 pounds-per square inch PSI).
  • Long term durability
  • Low maintenance and No grout maintenance
  • Non-slippery when wet
  • It’s today’s most popular choice for commercial indoor and outdoor settings.
  • It has the best resistance to sub-base compression and expansion due to weather and temperature changes, resulting in less cracking compared to tiles when outdoors, making tiles a potential tripping hazard.
  • Ideal for commercial applications.

Thin-Crete on commercial concrete floors Thin-crete

Concrete Covering Products

Manufactured to resemble virtually any surface, Uro-Tile is a concrete and acrylic product which can be used as replacement for Mexican tile, flagstone, slate and natural stone. Uro-Tile for concrete floor has been utilized for over 20 years, providing an ideal surface for both warm and cold temperature climates as well as in both indoor and outdoor settings. As long as the surface is sound and solid, this product can be installed over concrete flooring and most any other surface. Highly chip and crack resistant, slip resistant, mildew resistant, stain-proof, and water-proof are some of the qualities Uro-Tile possess making it one of the ideal concrete floor products. Furthermore, strength & durability is one of many distinguishing attributes of Euro tile’s making it great for pool decks, patios, walkways, balconies, catwalks as well as driveways. Due to their patterns and colors being close to limitless, it has become an ideal designer’s product.

Why Uro-Tile For Commercial Concrete Flooring As Well As Concrete Floors In Homes?

  • Little to no need for demolition
  • Old concrete, tiles, chattahoochee, etc. are updated
  • Cool to walk on and is also safe
  • Weeds or shifting is not an issue
  • Faster to application than other surface applications making it less labor intensive
  • Custom designs
  • A variety of color combinations
  • Recommender for exterior applications
  • 6500 pounds per square inch PSI gives it high compression strength

Uro-Tile For Concrete FlooringUro-Tile

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is just like your everyday concrete however, it allows its users to apply various patterns, textures and designs. This in turn makes a stamped concrete flooring look very much different and unique on its own. Their ability to be textured or embossed makes them perfect for interior flooring as well as use stamped concrete for patios, driveways, etc. Those who are looking for a cheaper and more accessible concrete flooring product alternative to authentic materials such as stone, slate or brick will be able to find them with stamped concrete with its ability to resemble other building materials.

Stamped FloorStamped Concrete


Old cracked concretes can be repaired in a timely and effective manner through micro-topping. With this procedure, both interior and exterior concrete surfaces are able to take advantage of the extremely flexible and durable cementitious topping. Even though horizontal surfaces are what micro topping was designed for, vertical surfaces also do well in using the same approach. The end result is a smooth, tight-trowel finish restoring your old concrete to its former glory.

Micro-ToppingConcrete Micro-Topping

Our Products are all handmade and eco friendly.

Eco Friendly Concrete Floor Products

Handmade Concrete Floor Products

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