Surface Restoration

A huge amount of time and resources are spent by homeowners and businesses with landscaping on a yearly basis. Yet many accept the fact that their exterior concrete is rather ordinary, gray, old, or perhaps stained and faded.

A handy solution however can be found through concrete resurfacing with Exterior Decorative Architectural Overlays which helps transform your existing concrete into stylish finishes. In addition, aside from looking aesthetically appealing they also gain qualities to resist to salt, staining, freeze/thaw and even traffic and wear making your concrete surface even stronger than before.

Restoration Miami a very much sought after service in the present offering a variety of services such as stamped concrete which is ideal for retail stores, corporate offices, shopping malls, hotel lobbies, casinos, schools, sports arenas and many more. Get in touch our concrete contractors to find customizability, unlimited colors and finish.

Concrete Driveway
Floor of Hall
Shining Concrete floor

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