Architects, designers and business owners are constantly looking for a commercial floor covering that is unique, custom and easy to clean. Additionally, it must have the highest level of durability.

Perfect for retail stores, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, corporate offices, casinos, schools, sports arenas and more, our concrete pavers and commercial concrete flooring solutions offer absolute customizability, unlimited colors and a finish that will withstand even heavy truck or fork lift traffic.

commercial concrete pavers

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Why Choose Concrete Floors?

There are a number of reasons why people choose commercial concrete floors. First, it’s very durable. Whether there will be heavy equipment on your floors, high foot traffic or vehicles, a concrete floor application will be able to stay free of cracks and scratches. Very few things are able to damage concrete floors.

Other benefits of concrete floors from Artistic Concrete include low water demand, being non-slippery when wet and being ideal for interior and exterior applications. It has the best resistance to sub-base compression and expansion due to weather and temperature changes, resulting in less cracking compared to tiles when outdoors. It is also ideal for even the busiest commercial locations.

What Is Decorative Concrete Resurfacing?

Many commercial applications want their floors to achieve a certain aesthetic. Factories and industrial applications might not mind a bland looking floor, but thanks to decorative concrete resurfacing techniques, commercial settings such as hotels, restaurants and shopping centers have the option of investing in decorative solutions. When it comes to deciding between concrete resurfacing versus replacement, your best bet is to speak to the pros at Artistic Concrete. We can come by and assess your existing flooring and give you an unbiased opinion on the best way forward.

Concrete resurfacing in commercial applications is still a relatively new concept and the basic ingredients are cement, sand and water. This enables architects and designers to get a new-looking floor at a fraction of the cost.

How Thick Is Concrete Resurfacing?

The thickness of your resurfaced floor will depend on how deep any worn spots, cracks or depressions are in your existing floor. Many times, you will only need a thin layer of resurfacing to significantly enhance the look and feel of your floor. Concrete resurfacing is not limited to indoor commercial environments. This technique can also be used on patios, parking lots, driveways, pool decks and sidewalks. Virtually any area that needs a facelift should consider concrete resurfacing before replacing the entire floor.

Artistic Concrete Group specializes in stamped concrete and other decorative concrete techniques for commercial applications. Contact us today to find out more about our stamped concrete system and the many other techniques that we have perfected.

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