c-outdoorsRetail malls and other commercial spaces which experience high foot and vehicle traffic need a flooring product that’s going to be practical, easy to maintain and look aesthetically appealing for years to come. Concrete flooring has the versatility and durability to achieve all this and much more, giving commercial spaces an affordable, high-end result.

Concrete flooring is:

  • Durable: Concrete is the most durable flooring solution available and, when applied by experienced professionals, will provide your space with a high quality, even result that is smoothly navigated by both pedestrians, their vehicles and trucks.
  • Creative: While standard concrete flooring is ideal for parking lots, where functionality trumps aesthetic, it can also fulfil more creative roles. Easily crafted and colored to resemble tiles, stone or slate, concrete can be formed to compliment any aesthetic, whether rustic, industrial or modern. Concrete can also be polished to a high sheen for an elegant take on industrial chic. Products to look at for these highly desirable results include Thin-Crete (a non-slip, grout-free option for indoor and outdoor settings, stamped concrete (patterned, embossed and colored to resemble a wide range of other materials) and Uro-Tile (a concrete and acrylic product that is easy to apply as well as crack and chip resistant.
  • Eco-friendly: Concrete is an ideal choice for commercial developers seeking a flooring solution that is earth-friendly because it requires so little in terms of maintenance, repairs and replacement. Once a quality concrete floor is in place, it will last 20 years or more with minimal upkeep, helping to create a space with a greatly reduced carbon footprint.
  • Low maintenance: Even with very high foot and vehicle traffic, your concrete floor should experience little wear and tear over the years. While some maintenance is required, a quality floor should not require significant repairs or replacement even after decades of use. Generally, any resurfacing or restoration is more minor than with other types of commercial flooring and is usually done to ensure that the surface remains in good condition and looking its best.

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