Outdoor FloorWhether you are a homeowner, general contractor, architect or designer, you want to create flooring that is unique, durable and elegant. Look no further than the services offered by the Artistic Concrete Group. Specializing in a variety of decorative concrete techniques, Artistic Concrete is the perfect choice for commercial and residential concrete flooring as they offer a product that is both beautiful and durable. Learn more about our state of the art technologies and services.

Commercial Concrete Flooring

Durability, longevity and affordability are key factors when it comes to investing in concrete flooring for commercial applications. You may think this means having dull and drab looking floors, but you would be wrong as concrete flooring is one of the most sought after and modern choices available in flooring. The commercial services offered by Artistic Concrete Group are totally customizable and are able to withstand heavy traffic from people as well as machinery, making them perfect for hotel lobbies, shopping malls, sports arenas and even industrial businesses. Even trucks and forklifts are no match for Artistic Concrete flooring so you never have to worry.

The Artistic Concrete Group specializes in the use of stamped concrete in a variety of colors, patterns and textures that are affordable, easy to clean and inexpensive to maintain. The use of stamped concrete means less labor and a faster application time when compared to tiles and other materials commonly used for flooring. There is even the added benefit of concrete being a sustainable, environmentally friendly product.

Other Services Offered By Artistic Concrete

c-outdoors72The Artistic Concrete Group not only specializes in concrete floors for commercial applications, but also offers residential concrete flooring services that are perfect for indoor and outdoor areas in your home. You can achieve a beautiful, natural stone appearance that will last longer at a fraction of the cost, giving your patios, pool decks and indoor living spaces that warm, timeless elegance you have always dreamed of.

Artistic Concrete also offers surface restoration services. By making use of Exterior Decorative Architectural Overlays, you are able to transform deteriorated surfaces which are old and worn into beautiful finishes that provide resistance to traffic, staining, extreme temperatures and chemicals.

Dependable Concrete Flooring By Artistic Concrete Group

At Artistic Concrete Group, our products have the strength to stand the test of time. With over thirty five years of experience, our courteous staff has all the knowledge and expertise necessary to make your flooring dreams a reality. We take pride in our ability to offer our clients a beautiful, solid, world class investment that will last a lifetime. Contact us now for a consultation and let us show you the benefits of concrete flooring in your home or business.