Custom Square WhiteAlthough concrete is one of the most durable and lasting types of flooring available, it is inevitable it will require some repairs and maintenance in order to return it to its best and most functional condition. Miami concrete resurfacing and restoration specialists recommend that you watch for these critical signs of aging:

  1. Cracks: All concrete floors have small hairline cracks as a result of the drying process. Larger cracks and cracks that have widened or recently appeared should be taken note of especially if they are near joins, in high traffic areas or appear to be letting in moisture. These cracks can often be stabilized or filled if needed, or if required, a full resurfacing may be recommended.
  2. Flaking and spalling: These issues can often be the result of errors being made when the concrete floor was originally poured. Concrete flaking is a process where the concrete breaks away in thin layers from the surface downwards, creating a dusty and uneven surface. Spalling tends to occur in high traffic areas where heavy machinery passes over weak joints, causing the concrete to unravel and bumps to develop. These are not simply unsightly, they can slow down operations and cause additional wear and tear to machinery and equipment. Debris will also tend to collect in between these bumps, creating a workplace that is difficult to clean, while compromising workplace standards for USDA/FDA certified plants.
  3. Pitting: Older concrete floors often differ in terms of their hardness, making some easier to damage than others. Often, this can be seen in warehouses and plants where heavy objects have dropped onto the concrete surface causing deep dents in the floor. These dents corrode over time, growing in size and becoming a workplace hazard for people and machinery alike.

Concrete Floor Resurfacing, Repairs and More

At Artistic Concrete, we use our 30 years of experience to deliver affordable expert solutions for both residential and commercial/industrial clients that are handmade and eco-friendly. In addition to concrete resurfacing for floors and driveways, we offer several other leading flooring solutions including concrete stamping, Uro-Tile, Thin-Crete and Micro-Topping. To find out more about our services, please contact us today, our team is available to visit your site, assess your concrete floor and recommend a high-quality, lasting solution.