When shopping around for the best flooring options for your home, you are sure to come across stamped concrete in Miami. These concrete floors are known to be less labor intensive and faster to apply than any other flooring type on the market.

Other great flooring options you might find available on the market include: brick, slate, tiles, flagstone, wood and stone. Unfortunately these flooring options can be expensive, difficult to install and may even warp, crack or become displaced if the floor expands and contracts during changing weather conditions and temperatures. You can enjoy the best of both worlds (affordability and the finish you desire) by installing stamped concrete. The process of concrete stamping allows this type of flooring to be designed to imitate any of the above-mentioned flooring types. If it’s maximum creativity and design you are looking for from your flooring product, stamped concrete may be the answer.

Artistic Concrete Offers Affordable Concrete Floors in Miami

At Artistic Concrete in Miami, we are South Florida’s leader in a variety of concrete flooring options. Stamped flooring is just one of four main types of concrete floors we believe will transform the aesthetic appeal of your home, increase your property’s overall value and provide you with a long lasting and durable flooring surface which is easy to maintain. In addition to our stamped concrete floors, you can also opt for one of the following: Uro-Tile, Micro Topping or Thin-Create.

All You Need to Know About Stamped Concrete 

Benefits of Installing Stamped Concrete

  • Timeless appearance with increased longevity
  • Quicker to install than tiles or panels
  • Hand-made and environmentally friendly
  • Available in various color combinations

Contact Artistic Concrete for the Best Flooring Options for:

  • Interior flooring
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Pool Decks

For more information on our stamped concrete floors for installation in your Miami home contact us at Artistic Concrete today.