Concrete is one of the most versatile, environmentally sustainable and durable construction materials available. Used in commercial and industrial spaces to create indoor and outdoor floors, paving, sidewalks and more, this is a product that is both functional and attractive but only when it is properly maintained.

Over the years, high amounts of traffic and exposure to salt can leave your concrete looking drab, badly marked/stained and worn. Investing in affordable concrete resurfacing and restoration services like our Exterior Decorative Architectural Overlays will restore your concrete flooring, revitalize your space and make it more resistant to wear and staining than ever before. These products will handle heavy foot traffic as well as truck, vehicle and forklift traffic and are available in a wide range of textures and colors to bring more creativity and function into the area. This service is ideally suited to:

  • Retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Parking garages
  • Auto repair shops
  • Vehicle showrooms
  • Corporate offices
  • Casinos
  • Schools
  • Sports arenas
  • Shopping malls
  • Warehouses
  • And more.

Professional Concrete Resurfacing at Artistic Concrete

At Artistic Concrete in Miami, we specialize in concrete resurfacing for industrial, commercial and residential floors. With our assistance you can make old, worn out concrete look as good as new. Take a look at our gallery to see the great results we bring our clients.

To ensure a high quality solution, one of our professional consultants will pay a visit to your premises to assess the space and advise you on your various options. Our expert processes and experienced team will guarantee you receive a swift service as well as a high quality of workmanship. To learn more about our expert concrete resurfacing services, contact us at Artistic Concrete.