If you are looking for ways in which to modernize and transform your home or commercial space without having a negative impact on the environment, polished concrete should be your first choice.

At Artistic Concrete we present hand-made, eco-friendly products to the market to provide our customer base with the opportunity to go green while still benefiting from the high-end aesthetic appeal and durability of top quality concrete flooring products.

What Makes Polished Concrete an Environmentally Friendly Option?

Polished concrete is actually a renewable flooring option that can be recycled. Harmful VOC’s and maintenance chemicals are not required when installing concrete floors. The concrete polishing process requires no consumption of raw materials and those which are used are water-based hardeners and stain resistant treatments. In addition to offering a high performance eco-friendly surface, polished concrete also offers the following benefits:

  • Low maintenance requirements and costs.
  • Long term durability.
  • Light reflectivity (the refined reflective surface can increase ambient light by 30%).

Types of Polished Concrete Options Available at Artistic Concrete


This is a polished concrete option that is ideal for both interior and exterior use. The durable surface offers low maintenance and no grout maintenance too. The surface is both decorative and rustic and is also non-slip when wet. It is a popular choice for its eco-friendly, easy to install design.


This is a polished concrete surface option that is most popular for use in pool areas, around decks, balconies, and driveways and similar. Not prone to weeds and shifting and the fact that it is easy to apply, make this eco-friendly product a popular choice.

Stamped Concrete 

This polished concrete surface is designed to imitate a variety of finishes including brick, slate, and flagstone, tile, wood and stone. There are a variety of colors available and you will find it is perfect for use on your walkways, driveways, patios, pool decks and similar.

Micro Topping

Micro Topping is able to create a smooth and sleek finish. It is available in a variety of decorative yet rustic appearances and is ideal for use in interior spaces. If you are looking for long term durability from your flooring product, Micro Topping is certainly the choice for you.

For more information on the various polished concrete flooring options available for your home or commercial space, contact us at Artistic Concrete today.