residential patioFor a long time concrete was thought to be bad for the environment, but recent environmental sustainability studies have shown that concrete is in fact one of the best choices for home and business owners. Here’s why:

  • It’s natural: In it’s raw essence, concrete is a natural product.       A mixture of rocks, clay, sand, limestone and natural elements that are ground down to a powder that is mixed with water. While mining the stone and rock needed, does have an impact on the environment, it does not have the same drastic issues that are associated with deforesting natural environments for hardwood flooring.
  • It lasts: When used properly, concrete creates some of the most indestructible and durable structures on earth. Highly resistant to bugs and vermin as well as extreme temperature fluctuations, winds and sea salt. Concrete also requires little maintenance and repairs over time.
  • It has a high thermal mass: This means that it is capable of storing heat and cold efficiently, creating a constant, comfortable indoor temperature even in climate with extreme temperature fluctuations. This results in a significantly reduced energy bill.
  • It’s local: The materials needed to make concrete are available almost everywhere in the world, making it easy for the sustainable builder to find concrete that has been produced in the area rather than imported from distant locations.
  • It can be recycled: Concrete can easily be broken down and recycled. Recycled concrete is very versatile, and can be used in polished concrete flooring, foundations, industrial flooring, commercial flooring and in retail center flooring.

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