Is the exterior concrete flooring at your home or commercial space looking old, worn out, stained or deteriorated? Artistic Concrete offers concrete resurfacing in Broward that will transform your exterior space into an aesthetically pleasing area once more. It goes without saying that concrete is one of the most sustainable flooring options on the market and offers an eco-friendly flooring alternative for those looking to have a minimal impact on the environment. If you would like to improve on the value and appeal of your property, resurfacing the exterior concrete flooring is a great place to start.

What is concrete resurfacing? This is a process of expertly applying exterior decorative architectural overlays to create a beautiful finish. There are various benefits to this type of remodeling to your property, one of which is increasing the overall value and aesthetic appeal.

The Process of Concrete Resurfacing

The process of concrete resurfacing is to repair and restore old concrete surfaces to “like new” status. The process is fairly quick and involves a mixture of cement, acrylic resin, polymers and colorants being applied by means of a compressed air gun. The surface is then finished by hand. To achieve finishes such as brick, cobblestone and even certain imprints (perhaps a company logo), acid stains, stenciled patterns and various other masonry finishes are used. Sealers and non-slip finishers make the surface comfortable and safe to walk on, even when wet.

All You Need to Know About Concrete Resurfacing

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

  • Achieve a stronger flooring surface that can even withstand truck or heavy forklift traffic
  • Full customizable
  • Unlimited colors available.
  • Resistant to salt, staining, heat and extreme weather changes
  • Doesn’t easily fall victim to wear and tear damage.

Contact Artistic Concrete for Concrete Resurfacing for

  • Retail stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Sports arenas
  • Schools
  • Casinos
  • Corporate offices

There is no doubt concrete resurfacing will transform your premises into an aesthetically pleasing location. For more information on our services for concrete resurfacing in Broward, contact us at Artistic Concrete today.