Outdoors FlooringDue to the volume and intensity of traffic, commercial and industrial concrete flooring will eventually start to take damage. Common issues include spalls and pop outs (similar to potholes), cracks, moisture leaks and flaking. All can be easily repaired with a lasting solution when done so by expert concrete flooring contractors. This will fully restore your space, giving you a durable and hardwearing flooring solution. Here’s what you can expect from a professional repair process:

  • Analyzing the cause. Knowing the cause of your floor’s problem is key to delivering an effective solution. While some issues are the result of wear-and-tear over time, others can be put down to a poor job by the original contractor or moisture rising from underneath the structure. These issues need to be dealt with thoroughly to ensure the problem doesn’t reoccur.
  • Repair materials. Different repair materials will be required for different jobs, depending on your facilities traffic, vehicle types, severity of the issue, the structural condition of the floor and even your building’s temperature. If a simple repair is not enough, your contractor should offer you an expert concrete resurfacing solution to restore deteriorated floors.
  • Preparation. Simply applying repair materials to a problem area will not do the job and it certainly won’t last. Repair areas need to be thoroughly cleaned of debris and unsound or low quality concrete needs to be cut away in order to properly fill and repair the issue.
  • Post-repair work. Quality repair solutions are about fully restoring the functionality of your floor, creating a flush, seamless finish. This means filling repair areas properly, leaving them to settle and cure, and then following up by shaving it down to the precise level of the floor.

Expert Concrete Repair And Resurfacing in Miami

At Artistic Concrete in Miami, our expert teams are on hand to inspect your concrete floors and recommend quality, affordable solutions. With over 30 years of industry experience and a reputation for excellence, we’re dedicated to providing each of our clients with custom solutions tailored to their exact specifications.

In addition to surface restoration and repairs, we also offer the Uro-Tile and Thin-Crete concrete tile ranges, as well as stamped concrete and concrete pavers. To learn more about our expert services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.