interior flooringHardwood flooring has been a firm favorite with Broward homeowners, but now it’s getting some trendy, mainstream competition from elegant polished concrete flooring. If you’re building or renovating your home and trying to decide on the right floor type for your lifestyle, here’s some great advice from concrete flooring product specialists.

  • Cost. When it comes to budget, hardwood flooring is still the most expensive option, as the installation process is labor intensive and the flooring has to be braced above your concrete slab. Polished concrete also has to be installed by a professional, but the process is much easier, requires less materials and won’t differ according to cost the way different types of wood do, making it more affordable.
  • Energy efficiency and eco-friendly. Concrete floors are surprisingly eco-friendly and energy efficient when professionally installed. Their long lifetime, exceptional durability and insulation ratings make them a great choice for a green home or for homeowners who want to increase their energy savings. Hardwood flooring, however, has a high impact on the environment, from deforestation to the fact that they simply don’t last as long or insulate your home as well so you spend more to heat and cool your home.
  • Maintenance. If you’re looking for something low maintenance, concrete floors are a great choice. A heavy-duty material by nature, it is highly stain-resistant, mildew resistant and damage resistant. Easy to clean with a quick vacuum or mopping using eco-friendly detergent will keep it gleaming for many years to come. Hardwood requires more maintenance, however, staining and scratching fairly easily and needing to be sealed with a finishing product every few years.
  • Design options. Hardwood floors come in many varieties, from maple to bamboo, but so does polished concrete. If you don’t like traditional gray, you can choose any color or design you can imagine. These smooth, high-luster floors are mixed according to your design specifications and can be stained to replicate the color of any kind of polished stone.

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