Are you on the hunt for concrete pavers in Miami? Not convinced by concrete? Are you looking for the perfect flooring solution for your garden or driveway. Many people go with brick or cobblestone, but haven’t considered the many advantages of using concrete pavers instead. Artistic Concrete offers a range of concrete solutions, including pavers. Concrete needn’t be boring.

The Advantages of Using Concrete

Concrete offers many advantages over other flooring and surface solutions. Concrete is inexpensive and durable, which means your paving will not break the bank. Cheap doesn’t mean forgoing quality though. Concrete is extremely resilient and easy to maintain, which means your initial investment will last for decades. Concrete can also be designed in any way you prefer. Many people picture concrete as gray and dull, but there are many ways concrete can be finished to achieve the look you’re after.

Concrete Pavers Are Available in Multiple Styles

The wonderful thing about concrete pavers is that they can match almost any style of home. Choose a sleek, polished concrete for a modern finish, or a more textured paver in earthy tones for a Tuscan-style building. We can create pavers that are designed to look exactly like high-end tiles, cobblestones and more. We not only create the perfect texture, but we are also able to color the concrete to match the look you’re going for.

How It’s Done

Our process comes with expertise and unmatched experience. We first excavate the site, creating the area where the pavers and concrete will be laid. Wire mesh is installed. We then pour the concrete and ensure it is properly smoothed. Then, at this point the color hardeners are added to give it the desired tone. We then stamp the concrete to give it the desired design and texture and add expansion joints to the concrete to help minimize cracks and extend the life of your concrete. Lastly, a sealer is added to add extra finish and shine.

Concrete is the way to go for a durable, beautiful, flooring solution. We offer a range of products, perfect for your driveway. We also offer surface restoration and a host of residential and commercial concrete solutions. Contact us to find out more.