If you’ve seen the modern homes of late, you will notice they have very clean lines and smooth surfaces. That’s why polished concrete is the perfection solution for this style of architecture. Artistic Concrete offers polished concrete along with a range of other solutions that will make any home look modern and classy. Read on to find out all about polished concrete and why it is the perfect material for the modern home.

Modern Homes Have Many Uses

Gone are the days where your home was just a place to eat, sleep and, perhaps, entertain guests periodically. Homes are now playgrounds, five-star kitchens, movie theaters and offices. We have all kinds of traffic trudging in and out, from pets and toddlers, to active teenagers and busy adults. With this in mind, concrete offers a durable and long-lasting flooring solution which can take whatever is thrown at it.

Get the Look Without Breaking the Bank

The wonderful thing about polished concrete is that it offers a shiny, glossy finish without the insane price tag of marble, high-end tiles and other fancy flooring finishes. It is also extremely durable, which means the upkeep won’t cost as much, saving you money in the long run.

Taking Care of Your Floors in the Modern Age

We are all busy people. Our kids have activities and school, we run businesses, have demanding jobs and on top of it all, we want to create and maintain a clean, efficient home which is beautiful as well as comfortable. With this in mind, you want a sturdy floor that can take the mess and be maintained as simply as possible. Regular mopping will do the trick to keep your floors looking shiny and new, no special detergents needed with concrete.

If you’re looking for polished concrete in Miami, Broward, or Palm Beach, contact us. We not only offer residential and commercial concrete flooring solutions, but we also do surface restoration, which means you won’t need to go anywhere else for concrete installation and maintenance. Our product line is extensive so don’t hesitate, get in touch with us today to schedule an in-home estimate.