Artistic Concrete Modern Home Concrete InteriorThis is one of the most frequently asked questions from clients interested in using concrete flooring in their home, commercial space or restaurant. The, concrete floors specialists at Artistic Concrete in Miami & Broward counties will tell you everything you need to know.

Concrete Has A High Thermal Mass

Some materials absorb more heat from the sun than others, as anyone who has walked down a pavement barefoot in a Miami summer will know. This ability to absorb heat is known as thermal mass.

Concrete has a high thermal mass, so it absorbs more heat from the environment and holds onto it longer than many other flooring materials such as wood, carpet, tiles or laminate flooring. This is also good for cooling, as it will continue to absorb heat as long as the air temperature is warmer than it’s thermal mass.

The result is that concrete buildings and floors set and keep much more constant temperature indoors, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

So Is Under Floor Heating or Cooling Necessary?

In Florida, winters are fairly warm, so most homes and commercial spaces with concrete floors should benefit enough from concrete’s thermal mass to keep temperature costs to a minimum.

Even if you do choose to put cooling or heating in your concrete floors, you will find that your energy bill will be far less than with any other flooring material, including carpet, because of it’s high thermal mass. So you should experience far greater energy savings and lower heating requirements even in a very cold winter.

Professional Concrete Floor Installation, Repair and Resurfacing In Broward

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