Custom Squares Patio ZenThrough more than three decades worth of experience, Artistic Concrete Group has perfected the techniques necessary for decorating concrete floors. However there is more to creating beautiful, durable, long lasting concrete floors than mere decoration. Artistic Concrete takes pride in the ability to offer top quality products and services that are ideal for any and all applications.

Decorating Concrete Products

Artistic Concrete’s main area of specialization is stamped concrete. This is a product that allows you to achieve the look and feel of natural stone flooring, such as slate and cobblestone, at a more affordable price and in a more durable material. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications and our six step process for stamped concrete is designed for artistic freedom in creating unique and beautiful floors that will last.

  1. Excavation and removal
  2. Installation of forms and wire mesh
  3. Concrete is poured and smoothed
  4. Color hardeners are applied and concrete is stamped
  5. Expansion joints installed to minimize cracks
  6. Sealer is applied to protect and enhance the finished product

Uro-tile is also designed to resemble other surfaces and provides a crack resistant, chip and slip resistant surface that is well protected against stains and mildew. There is the added benefit of being able to create any color combinations and designs to give your floors a completely customized and individual look.

Thin-crete is an ideal substance for fixing or replacing and provides a highly attractive, warm and rustic appearance with the added benefits of strength and resistance to elements, such as moisture, which can cause degradation. It will never go out of season and is very easy to maintain.

Micro-topping is ideal for creating that incredibly smooth, glassy floor surface. It may be used for both vertical and horizontal applications and is applied in layers to create a tight-trowel finish.

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The team at Artistic Concrete aims to drive the industry forward with world class products and services and dedication to the trade is our number one focus. Our state of the art technologies give us the ability to cater to all facets of the market including residential concrete flooring, commercial concrete flooring, industrial concrete flooring and surface restoration.

All Purpose Concrete Flooring By Artistic Concrete Group

Offering our clients beautiful investments is the reason why Artistic Concrete Group has, for more than thirty years, been at the top of our game. We aim to enhance the value of homes and businesses with flooring that is unique, customized according to your exact specifications and will last forever. Contact us now and learn what world class service is all about.