commercial concreteIn order to keep your customers, reach new target markets and stay relevant in a competitive consumer economy, remodeling your retail space with concrete flooring is a necessity and not a choice. Read our tips on renovating the right way and bringing your customers the best experience possible:

  1. Scope: First, determine the scope of your project. Is it a cosmetic touch up or are you changing the store from the ground up? Bigger projects where walls will be knocked down are far more involved and you need to know where load-bearing structures are before your design can get off the ground.
  2. Flow: Consider how you want your customers to move around your store and keep that central to your design. It should be spacious, have clear signage and encourage people to walk in, look around and move towards your cash registers easily.
  3. Lighting: Good lighting is essential for showcasing your products as well as general lighting for your store. Consider a combination of pendant lights to highlight specific areas or products along with recessed and built-in lighting to keep your store bright and vibrant.
  4. Robust flooring: For retail spaces, floors need to look good and handle constant traffic without getting worn or damaged.       If you are looking for a flooring solution that is glamorous, hard-wearing and low-maintenance, then concrete floors will work best. They can be polished to a glossy sheen, left bare for a rustic look or stained to match any color or texture you can imagine.       One of the most durable products of all time, these floors are high fashion as well as high function.
  5. Project management: Remodeling your store means downtime and that means loss of profits. However, a good plan and a good project manager will be able to organize the remodeling in such a way that it minimizes the effects on your customers.

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