About Us

Artistic Concrete Group

Artistic Concrete Group is a family-owned business with more than 35 years of experience. We focus on innovation, utilizing cutting-edge concrete hardscape technologies. Working alongside architects, contractors, and designers, we consistently push the envelope of what can be achieved with custom concrete applications, expanding the limits of how unique and personalized concrete can be.

Every application of our artistic concrete is unique, providing one-of-a-kind designs applied by hand. No two hardscapes are ever the same with the custom application of different aggregates and finishes like tabby concrete and exposed aggregates.

At Artistic Concrete Group, we pride ourselves on setting new standards for custom hardscapes in the South Florida market and will continue offering clients new and innovative concepts.

Meet The Team

Manfred Delgado, CEO

Founder and CEO Manfred Delgado is a business professional with a degree in business administration from the Institute of Business Administration. Additionally, he is a member of the Babson College Master Entrepreneurial Program with Miami Dade College for the Goldman Sachs Small Business Master Program.
Originally from Costa Rica, he relocated to Miami, Florida, in 2003. He has always been driven to take businesses to the next level, having successfully done so in the medical and pharmaceutical industries before turning his attention to the construction business. Manfred utilized his understanding of market trends and carved out a niche for Artistic Concrete Group by servicing the demand for architectural hardscapes in Miami’s luxury homes sector.
Throughout his career, Manfred has firmly believed in the holistic growth of every member within an organization. He strives to develop not only his team’s technical skills but also the individuals, aiming for each person to become the best version of themselves. His guiding principle is to "train your employees to be so good that they could be your competition, but treat them so well that they prefer to stay working with you." This philosophy is a foundational tenet of Artistic Concrete Group.
With more than a quarter-century of experience in marketing and sales, Manfred uses his keen eye for creating a customer-centric company to ensure client satisfaction and premier hardscape installation are what Artistic Concrete Group is known for. He constantly strives to enhance and evolve the scope of the company’s services, always keeping customer satisfaction as a central focus.
Beyond his professional pursuits, Manfred finds joy in motorcycles. He said the sensation of riding, with the wing on his face as he immerses himself in the surroundings, brings him pure enjoyment.

Kenny Delgado, Manager of Operations

Artistic Concrete Group Manager of Operations Kenny Delgado is a dedicated professional With more than 12 years of experience, he has thrived as a member of a small family business specializing in a distinct niche of South Florida’s custom home construction industry.
Kenny takes immense pride in delivering exceptional client experiences, ensuring every project at Artistic Concrete Group results in the utmost customer satisfaction. He is constantly dedicated to providing architects, interior designers, and contractors with unique collaborative opportunities by leveraging the expertise of skilled installers and a customer service-focused approach. He finds great joy in helping individuals bring their visions to life through the company’s exceptional custom concrete hardscapes.
Outside of work, Kenny enjoys playing tennis in his spare time and is a passionate supporter of the Miami Heat.